Archaeological trips

Archaeological trips to Egypt

Would you like your next trip to be very satisfying? Would you like to rest but at the same time get to know many interesting facts? Archaeological trips to Egypt are in fact very interesting option and additionally, more often chosen by tourists from our country. What is worth to know about Egypt? It is an African country. This country has four geographical neighbours. It is worth to mention that it has an access also with the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

This African country does not lack perfect weather for all year long. We can expect sun and high temperatures from January to December, also when in Poland is winter season. It is not surprising that during the colder months, trips to Egypt are very popular. It is impossible not to mention that this African country is rich in its historical culture.

Archaeological trips are being chosen by real enthusiast. What can be seen there on its own eyes? Among others, Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which is the capital of Egypt. In this museum, we can find many exhibits that come from the ancient times. There are over one thousand exhibits. In Cairo we can find other interesting places such as Mosque of Ibn Tulun or Cairo Citadel. Without a single doubt, it is worth to visit Giza as well, where we can see Pyramids as well as the big monument of Sphinx.

Very popular among tourists is Northern Sakkara. What else is worth to visit? Undoubtedly, Luxor, The Valley of Kings and Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. Very popular places are also Alexandria and Siwa Oasis. Egypt is a country that offers a good relax but not only. Apart from this, people who are interested in getting to know more historical or archaeological facts will be also content with this trip. www